Electric hot water boilers

Electric hot water boilers from 20kW to 1000kW

We offer high-capacity electric boilers designed for main heating of buildings with an area of more than 400 m² or electric hot water boilers for industrial use. Electric boilers are very efficient to use where a central heating system with water circulation has already been built and there is the necessary electrical power to supply the boiler.

In the case of electric heating, it is recommended to use a two-tariff energy accounting system, because due to the difference in night and day temperatures, the working time of the boiler is divided as follows: 70% at night and 30% during the day, and therefore it is possible to reduce the daily expenses for heating to the same level as for other types of heating.

Our electric boilers can also be installed in parallel with other boilers (oil, solid fuel heating boilers).

Electric boilers are mostly maintenance-free and reliable. Softened water must be used in electric boilers to reduce the intensity of the formation of scale and other harmful compounds.

Electric boilers can also be used with smaller capacities, for example: if the boiler is 80 kW and has four stages, different capacities of 20, 40, 60 and 80 kW can be selected using the switch on the electrical panel, which is useful in spring and autumn, when in warmer weather, however, it is necessary to heat already.

Boiler ELE-1 2…3 stages, 3…4 elements 36…80 kW for buildings with heated surface 400…1000m² or cubic capacity 2500m³

Boiler ELE-2 4…7 stages, 7…13 elements 90…200 kW for buildings with heated surface 1000…3000m² or cubic capacity 7500m³

Boiler ELE-C 7 stages, 4 elements 54kW, 75kW, 120kW for buildings with a heated surface of 700…1700m², with a binary flow control device: if there is not enough electrical power, the power is reduced step by step (7 stages).

Our electric boilers can also be skid mounted and connected to each other, giving you the output you need, whether it is 100, 400 or 1800kW.