Biomass steam boilers

Fully automatic biomass steam boilers

Fully automatic biomass steam boilers

Production rate 100…3000 kg/h

Pressures 8…16 bar

Our pellet steam boilers can produce steam in range of 100…3000kg/h. Our biomass boilers have underfeed horizontal stoker burner and are fully automatic- they are equipped with automatic ash removal and pressurized furnace cleaning. Boilers come with a PLC as standard, which also enables to monitor and regulate the work remotely.

Our biomass range products also include feedwater treatment, flue gas treatment and chimney.

Suitable fuels: Wood-chips G30, pellets, wood dust.

We offer also “hybrid” versions of the steam boilers, which include a natural gas or liquid fuel burner, so it is possible to use either biomass or liquid/gaseous fuels.